Choosing Between Wedding Reception Venues UK

There are many wedding reception venues UK that you can choose for your big day. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the choices, there are certain factors that you can consider. These factors will ensure that you choose the right wedding reception venue for your needs.

Does It Offer The Right Capacity?

Wedding reception venues UK range in size and this ensures that everyone is able to find the right venue. The varying size is the reason why you need to consider capacity when choosing. The capacity of the venue will also affect other factors in your decision such as your budget and the overall enjoyment of your guests.

To determine the capacity you need, you should create a rough guest list. This can give you an idea of the number of people you need to accommodate in the venue. To best determine the capacity of the venue, you should as for a sample seating plan for the venue at capacity.

The Right Location

The reception venue should not be too far away from where you hold the wedding ceremony. It is possible to hold both the ceremony and reception in the same venue if they have the correct license. However, not all reception venues will have a wedding ceremony license.

The proximity of the ceremony venue is important, but you also need to check that the reception venue is close to the accommodation. Some venues will have accommodation for a set number of guests, but this is not always the case. If the venue does not offer accommodation, you need to ensure that you and your guests will have somewhere to stay.

Does The Venue Suit Your Theme?

Your wedding aesthetics will be enhanced by the venue you choose, if you choose correctly. If you want an outdoor wedding, you should consider a garden marquee. If you want a classic wedding, you can look at a country house or mansion for the reception.

If you have a rustic theme for your wedding, you do not want a venue that is ultra-modern. This will cause a disconnect and cause issues with the overall aesthetic.

Choosing the right wedding reception venue is vital if you want your big day to go smoothly. The venue will need to have the right capacity and be in the right location. The venue also needs to match the theme of your wedding to carry the aesthetics through.

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