UK Wedding Venue Hire Tips

Planning a wedding can be a nightmare because there is so much you need to focus on. One of the major points to consider is your wedding venue. UK wedding venue hire is more competitive than you might imagine, but this does not mean you should choose the first venue you see. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are some tips that can help.

Know About Provisional Date Holding

One of the UK wedding venue hire tips that many people do not know about is provisional date holding. If your wedding is during peak wedding season, you need to take advantage of this if the venue offers it. This will reduce the chance of disappointment when your venue is hired for your wedding date before you can finalise everything.

There are some venues that allow you to provisionally hold the date for free. There are other venues that charge a fee for this. You will often have a time limit for the holding of the date and this varies depending on the venue. You may also be able to hold the date until the venue has other interest.

Know Your Guest Numbers

Before you start looking at venues, you should have a rough idea of your guest numbers. While you will not know the exact number, a high estimate is recommended. This ensures that you only look at venues that are large enough for all of your guests.

A lot of couples make the mistake of looking at only large venues. If you have a limited number of guests, you can choose a smaller venue. You do not want to pay for a venue that has space you are not going to use. Not only will this be a financial drain, it will also make the venue appear sparse.

What Ceremonies Is The Venue Licensed For?

This is something that many couples forget about or assume that the wedding venue will be licensed for the ceremony the want. This is not always the case and you have to ask the venue about this. This is particularly important if you want to have your ceremony and reception at the venue. If the venue does not have the right license, you will need to have your ceremony in a different venue.

When it comes to hiring a wedding venue, you need to consider a number of tips. These tips will help you choose the right venue and ensure that it is available on the date you want.

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